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DAR&E only places within the Maryland, DC, West Virginia and Virginia area. Please do no apply to adopt if you live outside of those areas. Please click here to visit our Adoption Process page for additional information on adopting one of our DAR&E Dobermans & an online application!

Our dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots and microchipped.

About Chance

Chance is an amazing catch!

This young dobie is very loving and affectionate with his people, and fantastic with doggie siblings. He isn't picky about other dogs, and loves to rough house and chase with them, though his favorite thing is to snuggle with his people and get his chest and face rubbed. 

Chance loves to cuddle and be together, and is definitely a lap dog even though he's huge - he climbs on top of his foster mom to sleep on her and sits in her lap daily. He is loyal, loving, and devoted to his people - checking in often when he's playing in the yard and watching over the baby gate when his foster mom goes to another room. He's a true velcro Dobe! 

Chance loves to play tug of war, is working on not being mouthy because he still has a lot of puppy behavior, and has a heart of gold. He loves to stare at you while you sleep, and will gaze into your eyes forever if you let him - he is the most loyal friend you'll ever meet. He still has some puppy energy and loves to run and go on walks and hikes, and is a very smart boy who knows many basic commands. He would be the perfect companion for someone who lives alone and wanted to have a friend, or for a family in a nice quiet neighborhood. He lives in a pretty quiet suburban neighborhood now and is very good for his foster mom. He goes nuts for going out on walks and loves to play with his favorite dogs and snuggle his favorite people.

Chance appears to have not been well socialized earlier in his life, and is reactive to strangers because of this or other uknown reasons. This reactiveness can be embodied in a range of behaviors, from lunging at men he doesn't know both in his home and on the leash during walks, to a growl, to simply watching them attentively. Chance has no bite history but needs precautions to be taken to keep it that way, and has had incidents of "grabbing" and holding strange men in previous homes. Chance responds well to treat training, and his reactivity is being retrained with socialization and positive reinforcement that doesn't put him or strangers in unsafe or high stakes situations. 

Chance was adopted through DARE previously and returned shortly because of lunging and grabbing incidents; a trainer with DARE thoroughly assessed him afterwards and determined that he was not aggressive. All of his 'grabbing' and lunging incidents were with men he did not know, and have never been with children, women, or animals. He is in a foster home with no men in his household now, and is totally trusted with his foster mom and her female friends, with no aggression shown towards him. He is working on his reactivity with positive reinforcement and treats, and is making progress. 

Because he is so early in overcoming his reactivity, Chance needs a few things from a potential adopter to keep him on the path to success! First, he can be adopted by a family with a male adult in the household - in his failed adoption, he lived in one and was not reactive to his male adopter. This is because though he is generally reactive towards adult men he doesn't know, he is also extremely loving and quickly bonds and builds trust. With a previous potential adopter, after lunging in the first meeting he was non-reactive by the second time they met.  If you are a male adopter, please understand that he will likely be reactive towards you at first meeting, but will quickly build trust with you if you're willing to show him you're safe. 

Since Chance can be reactive on leash, he needs a wider berth between him and strangers on walks than you might get on a downtown city sidewalk - to keep everyone safe, until he's less reactive Chance needs a home where his family can ensure he has a buffer space between him and passerbyers on walks - an area quiet enough where you can step off the sidewalk to let people pass without getting closer than a yard or so. Since being close to strangers is scary for Chance, that means he can't be adopted out to adopters who live in high rises that would require him to squeeze into elevators with people he doesn't know! Since he finds men he doesn't know so stressful, he also needs a home that's a bit more laid back - he'd be much more confident in a home with a family that doesn't have frequent male guests or visitors, or one that does but understands Chance's triggers and is willing to crate him or keep him in a safe space in the house where he has distance when male visitors are there. With professional training hopefully one day Chance won't need any of these precautions.

This sweet boy is more than worth it, and his reactivity is easily managed in his foster home. Be the reason he stops fearing people - give him a 'chance' today!

This Is My Story

Chance was returned to us by his adoptive family.

How You Can Help Chance

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  • Tax deductible sponsorship gifts
  • Funds are used for medical treatment
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