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I'm available for adoption!

DAR&E only places within the Maryland, DC, West Virginia and Virginia area. Please do no apply to adopt if you live outside of those areas. Please click here to visit our Adoption Process page for additional information on adopting one of our DAR&E Dobermans & an online application!

Our dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots and microchipped.

About Sig

Sig is a 2 year old black and rust natural eared dobieboy.  He will make someone a truly wonderful companion.

At his age and with his high food motivation he has a great foundation to become the Dobe of your dreams.  

Sig is house trained and crate trained.  He spends his time while we are away in the crate however he sleeps on a dog bed in our bedroom or if he's really comfortable at night he sometimes chooses to sleep in the living room on the dog bed.  He would probably do well just being contained in a small area while you are gone if you would prefer not to crate him.  He has the typical energy of a young male Dobe. 

He likes to chase after the ball or a Frisbee and he will bring it back but we are working on the command drop it so you can actually get the ball or Frisbee back. Watch his video

 We take him on one or two walks a day and along with the playtime in the backyard that's enough to keep him satisfied.  Once he's a wee bit older he would make someone a lovely hiking or jogging partner.  Sig loves his humans and wants to be everywhere you are and he would be fine as an only dog or he would love to have another female big dog that likes to play.  We have an older female that really does not want to put up with his teenage antics and lets him know that she won't tolerate it.  Sometimes he listens to her and backs off and sometimes he will bark at her to try to change her mind.  When its time to eat he never bothers our female or with her dish he waits until his food is ready for him. 

His leash manners do need some work.  With a training collar he walks okay on leash but does goes a bit crazy when he sees another animal and needs to learn the proper way to act.  We are working on that and he has made definite progress and with continued work his manners will only get better. 

It does take him a bit of time to warm up to people.  We think that someone broke his trust in his early days and it has made him a bit wary of people.  Once he warms up to you though he loves to put his head in your lap for scratches or backs his bum right up to you so that you can hit the perfect scratch spot. 

He knows how to sit, down, give paw, and will sit and wait until you give him the okay to eat.  We are working on the come and leave it command which are not quite solid in is repertoire yet but he's getting there. 

He loves loves loves to play with toys and to chew on bones and kongs.  He has yet to be destructive to anything other than the evil stuffed toys where the squeakers must die.  He does fine with our 11 year old son, however, no children under 10 living in the home please. 

He does have high prey drive so he won't be good in a home with cats.   Sig is a super sweet boy with super big heart.  Will you give him the life he has always dreamed of?  Can you guide him to being the adult dog he's always been meant to be?  Will you let Sig into your heart?  Please call about this great boy!

This Is My Story

Sig was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan who was not able to locate Sig's owner. He asked DAR&E to find Sig a loving home.

How You Can Help Sig

A Tax deductible sponsorship gifts of any amount are welcome in support of our orphans.

DAR&E Wear


  • A tax deductible donation
  • $15 will provide a collar and matching ID tag
  • Funds are used for medical treatment



  • Tax deductible sponsorship gifts
  • Funds are used for medical treatment
  • Multiple sponsors are welcome