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GoodSearch.com Use GoodSearch as your primary search engine AT NO COST TO YOU and  $0.01 for every search goes directly to DAR&E. 

HOW TO  ACCESS:  Go to GoodSearch, in the  middle of the page is a box to enter your charity.  Enter "Doberman Assistance Rescue and Education", then click the "Verify" button.   DAR&E should appear automatically each time thereafter, but it's always a good idea to check before you search.  If DAR&E isn't selected, just re-type it in again and you're all set!   Search to your hearts content and help a Dobe.

iSearchiGive.com   iGive now gives you iSearch!  Use iSearchiGive as your primary search engine AT NO COST TO YOU and $0.01 for every search goes to DAR&E. 

 HOW TO ACCESS:  Go to iSearch, in the middle of the page is a box to enter your charity.  Enter "Doberman" and click "Find Causes".  Select "DARE (Doberman Assistance Rescue and Education)".   DAR&E should appear automatically each time thereafter, but it's always a good idea to check before you search.  If DAR&E isn't selected, just re-type it in again and you're all set!

Multi-Brand Sites: 

 GoodShop.com   GoodSearch now brings you GoodShop!  Shop at the more than 700 brand name stores and a percentage of your purchase is donated to DAR&E.  Click on the down arrow in the in the left-hand column "List of Stores" for a list of GoodShop Stores.  

HOW TO ACCESS:  First, enter your charity in the "Who do you GoodShop for?".  Enter "Doberman, Assistance Rescue and Education".  Then shop to your hearts content!

iGive.com  Shop here at over 700 brand name stores and a percentage of your purchase is donated to DAR&E.  Click the link "Some of our 700+ Stores" for a list of iGive stores. 

 HOW TO ACCESS: All you need to do is register by using this link and start shopping!  Donation percentages vary by merchant.  Already a member, click the small "Member login in the top right corner of the page.

Individual Shops:

Quality, freshness, and no preservatives. Treats are made to order and never sit around. Only the finest human-grade ingredients go these treats. Each batch is made by hand, with care and most importantly LOVE.  Grain free options are available for dogs with sensitivities.  5% of all sales are donated to DARE Doberman Rescue.

I originally began baking and cooking for my two rescue dobes.  They had health issues and sensitivity to certain ingredients.  Making my own treats controlled what was going into their systems.

Muttsit.com   Buy the “Rescue me” tee design from Mutts it to ya and they’ll send us 50% of the total profit for each "Rescue me" tee sold!  Be sure to select our rescue group’s name ( Doberman Assistance, Rescue and Education ) during the check out process to ensure that our group receives the donations.  These shirts are available in unisex sizes

TheTrumanCollar.comWonderful selection of quality handcrafted collars, leashes and matching accessories.  Select from a large variety of trims, prints and styles.  Can't find what you are looking for?  Want to match your dog?  Custom orders are also accepted.  So far, TheTrumanCollar has been able to create every order request it has received including special fabrics, unique designs and matching (human) ties to dog collars and leashes. TheTrumanCollar donates 25% of each designated order to DAR&E.  

HOW TO ACCESS:  When ordering on-line in the checkout process, place a note in the PayPal box "Message to Seller" stating "for the benefit of DAR&E" and/or send them an email.  See "Contact Us" information on their website.  You can also place an order through email or over the phone, please remember to mention DAR&E. 

 Helping Udders     hosts many unique dog products not found in stores and offers 10 - 50% of all purchases to support DAR&E.  Check out the cool Water Bottle Cruncher Toy! 

 HOW TO ACCESS:  Once you complete your shopping, proceed to check out.  On page 2 of the checkout, enter or cut/paste "Doberman Assistance Rescue & Education - MD, VA, DC, WV" in the box "Which rescue benefit from your purchase" under the address information.

 Current Fundraiser  offers a variety of seasonal and non-seasonal novelity items.  Best of all, DAR&E enjoys a 50% profit from every product sold online.  So.... Shop, shop, shop!   

HOW TO ACCESS:  Once you complete your shopping, proceed to checkout.  Choose "MD" for the organizations state.  On the next page, choose "Doberman  Assistance, Rescue & Education" and then complete the rest of the checkout process.  Thanks for shopping here!

amazon.com   Shop the thousands of items available at amazon.com  and produce up to a 15%donation to DAR&E on all purchases.  HOW TO ACCESS:   Just enter through this link.

Rugpal North  Engraved for Keeps - Unique custom personalized gifts for pets, people and all dog sports.  DAR&E receives 5% - 40% donation from each order.  Order crate tags and DAR&E receives and additional 30% donation.  HOW TO ACCESS: They have not yet completely converted their site to online shopping.  For online shopping, click on the "Order Now" button and complete the order form.  The last line is Fund Raiser.  Click on the text for the list and select "Doberman, Assistance, Rescue and Education DAR&E".  For other orders, click on "Contact".  Whether you order by email, mail or phone, be sure to mention DAR&E as the fund raiser.

Watkins Apothecary  A pioneer in natural living, utilizing the finest natural ingredients in their product lines from apothecary to spices.  Watkins specializes in home remedies using natural botanicals like camphor, menthol and herbs to help people feel better and live healthy lives. HOW TO ACCESS:  Just use this link and DAR&E receives 16%-30% of all sales ordered through this site.