Thinking about Adopting? Please Consider…

Dogs Do Not Make Good Gifts… Please Avoid a Big Mistake!

Many dogs are turned into shelters each year as a result of well-meaning family members. Dad’s birthday is coming up, how nice it would be if we gave him a dog for his birthday! My son’s dog just passed away, a new dog would bring him happiness. Mom is lonely since Dad passed away, a dog would keep her company and give her something to love.

The children, sisters, brothers, mom’s and dad’s, with the best of intentions, all care very deeply for their loved one, but fail to consider if their loved one really wants or is ready for a dog. Nor did they consider the time, care and attention a dog needs and whether that would fit into their loved ones life at the time. The result is a stressed family member unable to care for a dog that just wants love and attention and a dog, through no fault of its own, is on its way to a shelter.

Pets of any kind really DO NOT make good surprise “gifts”!

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