DAR&E wants to help you ensure that your Doberman would be in good hands should something happen to you. It is important to include your dobie in your will so that they are looked after no matter what.

STEP 1: Select an emergency caregiver. Tragedies can strike in an instant, and you want someone immediately available to care for your pet. Pick two trusted friends who are willing to act as emergency caregivers.

Write out instructions for how to care for your dog. Include information such as a feeding schedule and walk times. Give them details of your pet s medications, their vet name, and vet phone number as well as the location of their pet records. Your primary vet should have your pet records but a copy of them would be helpful as well.

Unless your trusted friends do not already have house keys, include contact information for someone that has access to your home such as a neighbor or family member. Your emergency caregivers should know to retrieve a few items your dobie is familiar with, such as toys, blanket, or a dog bed. Your dog will recognize the smell and it will help with acclimatization.

STEP 2: Choose a long-term caregiver for the dog. DAR&E will take your dog back and rehome them safely. Unless you have someone who is capable and who loves your dog as much as you do, returning them to DAR&E is the best option.

STEP 3: Find your will. If you’ve already drafted a will, then you’ll want to include a “codicil”, which is an amendment to an existing will. Dogs are considered personal property, so your dog will be given to whomever inherits the personal property in your estate.

STEP 4: Direct your executor to provide medical care. You should also direct your executor to have the dog taken to a vet and checked to make sure it is healthy. Also direct your executor to provide any medical care if the dog is sick. If you have owned your dobie for a while, the person who did your home visit or the foster parent from whom you adopted may no longer be volunteers. Contact DAREfeedback@yahoo.com to ensure you reach us.