Are you ready to give a Doberman some hands on help? Let's get started!

A few of the tasks we always need help with are:

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To submit a volunteer application:

The Application Process in a nutshell:

Once you download, complete and send in both forms (the volunteer application & the Code of Ethics*):

*Why is this form necessary? A Code of Ethics is an agreement among all members that protects each volunteer member of the group as an individual, protects the group as an organization and protects you as well. It is a promise between you and the other volunteers that we will all abide by the policies and by-laws established by the group and respect each other. By extension, it also protects the dogs we rescue.

The Application Process in detail:

The process begins - when you complete the Volunteer Application and sign our Code of Ethics agreement then send both documents in. You will receive an email confirmation notice upon receipt of each document. If you email either form as an attachment and don't hear from us within 48 hours, it means something went astray – please check back with us.

Once both documents have arrived  - and we've been able to review them, we will schedule an Introduction Phone Call with you to go over your application together, share some information with you about rescue work, discuss our group policies and answer any questions you might have about the group and how we operate. This can take 30 minutes or longer, but is very necessary to both parties!

Once you are approved as a volunteer  - you will receive a confirmation and an invitation to join our electronic Yahoo!Group so you can begin helping out right away. There is also an Orientation call that can be scheduled at this point to help you get acquainted with the group and learn how to navigate our files and information.

Be aware that we cover a large geographic area and this group operates in an electronic environment utilizing email, attachments and online folder systems to organize and distribute information related to tasks and activities. If you are not computer savvy, don't worry, we keep it as simple as possible and our Orientation is designed to get you in touch with all you will need.