Dobermans In Need

These are our Dobermans who need special care and attention



When I first met Barron, he was very nervous and quite disoriented. His disorientation was partly due to the fact that he was wearing a cone since he’d very recently been neutered –that alone can make any dog feel a bit confused and unsettled. I had been waiting for Barron in the lobby of the veterinary hospital where he was being cared for and kenneled until he was ready to come home with me. I was very eager to get to know him and provide him a comforting and quiet environment to recover from the recent tumultuous events in his life.  He was sweet but obviously distracted by all that was going on. I could see he had some weight to gain, that his muzzle looked whiter in person than it did in his picture and that his eyes conveyed his senior status. Much of Barron’s history is a mystery to us. What we do know is that when his owner passed away, Barron had nowhere to go except for a local county pound. The obligation of the pound to maintain a few open runs for new intakes at all times meant that more than usual, Barron’s need for rescue was quite urgent.   

At this very sad and low point in Barron’s life is where DARE stepped in to make the positive difference he desperately needed. It was necessary for a foster parent to be lined up quickly in order for Barron to make his journey up to DARE and begin the intake process to the rescue. An appeal went out to the group of foster parents, of which I am a part, to consider opening their home to this older gentleman in need.  My heart broke when I learned of Barron’s situation. I couldn’t help but imagine myself and my Dobie girl in the same situation. I couldn’t bear the thought of my precious companion suddenly being all alone in the world if I were to pass suddenly and not have someone who could take over her care. The thought that I would be ignorant of her plight and absolutely powerless to protect and comfort her again was a very scary and depressing thought. I realized I had the opportunity to do exactly what I’d want someone to do for me and my loved one. I especially wanted to provide Barron with an environment where he could feel love and happiness again. 

It is always humbling working with rescued animals. The circumstances that they overcome and the positive spirit that they maintain at the core of their beings is truly amazing. Barron is no exception to this.  It has now been nearly two months since we came into each other’s lives and the progress he has made is incredible. His short nub is always wagging when I talk to him and something as simple as a smile from me elicits excitement from him. He is now quite playful, silly, affectionate, funny and mischievous. If I take too long to give him a treat or feed him, he will fuss at me and run through the tricks he knows to get me to hurry on up! He never fails to show his gratitude and love at being saved. Barron has filled out quite a bit and has the build of a small tank. Hearing him thunder down the stairs when I get home from work, wagging his nub excitedly makes the stresses of the work day disappear.  

Barron was not like this when he first arrived.  His first few nights were quite restless, he had a hard time relaxing and the only thing that worked to get him to sleep was if I cuddled with him on the sofa. As soon as Barron was held, he visibly relaxed, relieved that he could finally go to sleep. It warmed my heart to see him sleeping peacefully.  This kept up for a few days but before long, Barron was sleeping for longer and longer periods of time and didn’t need help getting to bed. Eventually Barron felt comfortable enough to climb the stairs up to my room where he had an orthopedic bed waiting for him. Once he felt that comfort, he would not have anything less than that! Barron has bonded quite closely to me now and I feel honored that he has chosen to trust and love me. I count it a privilege to have been able to give Barron a new life! 

It was initially believed that Barron’s health was in fairly good condition for his age, but when he received a thorough examination at our veterinary hospital, it was discovered that he had a number of health challenges that led DARE to decide that Barron would be a hospice foster. No matter Barron’s health status or age, he deserves every single opportunity that can be given to him to not only help him get going in his new life but to thrive in it. I treat Barron as though he has his whole life ahead of him because I don’t want to sell him short of getting his best chance. Every person that reads this article has the opportunity to directly contribute to Barron’s happy ending. Rescue work extends beyond the physical rescue of an animal in need, it extends to those who may not even have the opportunity to meet the animal but can ensure that more get saved and more get all the care they need by donating their time or financial resources to our rescue.  The medical testing that Barron has undergone and the upcoming oral surgery he will have are costly but, with a little contribution from everyone, our financial needs can easily be met. If you have any questions about the work that DARE does or the many ways you can get involved, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We love nothing more than the ability to save even more of the breed we all love so much.