Hi, I'm Bo Blue

Status: adopted

About Bo Blue

Meet Bo-Blue!  Bo-Blue is a super sweet 6-year-old blue/tan male Doberman with natural ears and a docked tail.

Bo came to us when his owner fell on hard times and could not properly care for him any longer.  

Blue Dobermans are known for their great personalities and Bo is no exception! He is a big sweet, goofy boy who loves to follow you around, sit by your side to be petted, and give you big, happy, kisses. He will grab a toy and do the cutest wiggle butt dance to greet you when you come home or when you get up in the morning.   

Bo gets along well with the other dogs and has lived with a female Doberman whom he loved.  He walks pretty well on the leash with occasional pulling out of excitement when he sees something he’s interested in. He has plenty of energy to keep up with the younger dogs for play time but is good to hang out with you and chill also. He loves to run in the yard or go out for a walk. He prances and dances through life, grabbing a toy for the dance, and is ready to go. I’ve taken him to the local feed store, and he was a perfect gentleman sitting for treats and loving the attention. He rides well in the car with his seat belt restraint.  He settles down well after a short period of initial excitement.

As is common with many blue and fawn Dobermans, Bo has a thinning coat which does not affect him at all health wise, he just has less hair. Having a good diet will help him maintain his coat.

Bo prefers not to be crated and does well without one as long as he isn’t left for long periods of time. He would probably do well in a situation where he doesn’t have too many hours alone to limit his boredom. He prefers being with his people as opposed to being left alone. He is a super friendly boy so he is happy to go along with you! Bo is accustomed to sleeping on the furniture so his new owner should be ok with that.   

If you are looking for a sweet, friendly/goofy companion that will shower you with love, Bo Blue may be your guy!
Bo is in Maryland.

This is My Story

Bo came to us when his owner fell on hard times and could not properly care for him any longer.

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How You Can Help Bo Blue

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