Hi, I'm JD

Status: adopted

About JD

Meet JD! JD is a very sweet natured, affectionate boy. He wants to be everyone’s buddy. JD gets very excited when his people come home and bounds around like a bull in a china shop for a couple minutes and then he is ready to lay at your feet and be petted. He is a such a love bug!

JD does not have any food aggression. You can take food away, toys, etc. He doesn’t mind you playing with his feet, looking at his teeth, etc. JD just wants to love and be loved.

Check out JD’s video. It pretty much tells the story about who JD is.

JD is a 1 1/2 years old average sized male doberman. He weigh about 80 LBs but could put on another 5 lbs to be at a good weight. He was left at a shelter by his owners because they said they didn’t know Dobermans got so big.  I guess they did not do their research!

JD is red and rust with natural ears and a docked tail. He has beautiful coloring with dark mahogany markings. While JD looks like an 80 lb almost adult Doberman, in his mind he is still that adorable little puppy who just wants to play and be loved.

JD loves his toys. He always grabs something to carry out side with him. He isn’t much on playing fetch he just loves having the toys and what ever else he can grab. Check out the picture where he stole my husband’s hat. He was so proud himself! That’s JD! Always clowning around. Most of all JD just wants to be with his people. He gets bored when alone and will go exploring and may rearrange furniture cushions, pillows, whatever is handy.

JD is house and crate trained. To keep JD out of mischief when alone, his adopter should have a nice big crate for him to hang out in. He goes into his crate readily for a food bribe and does no fuss. He sleeps in his crate quietly at night. He knows a few basic commands but should be enrolled in a training class soon after adoption so he can learn the finer points of walking nicely on a leash and works on his impulse control a bit. Since his leash manners aren’t great yet a fenced yard would be a good thing to have. If you have time, patience and energy for a young male Doberman, contact DAR&E so we can talk more about JD.  JD is a sweet boy looking for love.

This is My Story

JD was surrendered to a shelter because his owners didn't realize he would get so big.

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