Hi, I'm Neveya

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About Neveya

Meet our sweet, lovable Neveya!
Neveya is a 6 year old (dob 6/6/15) black/tan female. She came to DAR&E when her owner had to move to care for her elderly parents and couldn’t take Neveya.  She has a funny, quirky personality. She makes us laugh every day. She is a great companion who is very easy to have around. She loves riding in the car. She is well house trained and doesn’t get into things. We don’t crate Neveya because it’s not necessary. If need be, she can be baby gated into an area. – She honors boundaries very well. Neveya really needs a fenced outdoor space because she loves being outside. Neveya enjoys a few ice cubes after coming in from the heat. She is an independent thinker so she doesn’t always come inside when called. Occasionally I have to get the leash to get her inside.  Neveya gets excited when she sees the leash. She tends to pull a bit but does better with a harness. She likes to help in the kitchen. She will “talk” to you or try to wrap her foot around your leg if you forget to let her sample the fare! At the dinner table she is good about going to lay down once she realizes you aren’t going to invite her join you. She enjoys chewing on antlers and bones.
Neveya came to us very overweight due to her thyroid gland being under-active. Under-active thyroid is very common with middle aged Dobermans. Since she has been getting her daily thyroid supplement she has slimmed down quite a bit. She currently weighs about 80 lbs and should loose another few lbs.. Neveya will require the very inexpensive prescription thyroid medicine, Thyroxine for the rest of her life. Here is a link to learn more about Hypothyroidism. https://www.hillspet.com/dog-care/healthcare/hypothyroidism-in-dogs
Neveya has a little arthritis in her little toe on both front feet that is probably due to carrying the excess weight due to her under-active thyroid. She gets around fine but probably wouldn’t be well suited to a home with a big dog that wants a rough and tumble playmate. A smaller dog would be better for her. Neveya is usually quiet in the house but will bark if she sees birds, chipmunks, squirrels, etc. She will bark to let you know strangers are around but quickly makes friends once you let her know they are welcome. Neveya is a sweet, affectionate girl that’s fun to have around. If you have lots of love and time for our sweet, lovable Neveya, contact DAR&E today.

This is My Story

Neveva came to DAR&E when her owner had to move to care for her elderly parents and couldn’t take her with them.

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