Hi, I'm Reba Bryson

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About Reba Bryson

Reba and Bryson – 1.5-year-old male and female Dobermans

What’s better than one superhero? TWO superheroes flying through the air, fighting crimes and bringing smiles to everyone they meet. Well, maybe not fighting crime exactly…but if you have ever had the pleasure to meet the beautiful Reba and handsome Bryson you know the joy they can bring. As they gallop and leap through the air searching for dangerous puddles to invade, they are determined to keep the community safe from these puddle hazards. They will gather up those rebellious Frisbees and eliminate that threat also. Reba’s superpower is B&E, stealth lock picking, and surveillance. She can see through walls and knows exactly how much food Bryson has left in his bowl. She has been known to break out of her play yard, just to break INTO the other play yard to render aid to a helpless creature in need. She patrols on night watch to keep peace in the kennels.

Bryson is the muscle of the team. He lets Reba construct the plan and he goes with the flow and follows her orders to carry out the mission. Much like the crime-solving team of Elastigirl and Mr Incredible, they provide comic relief and get the job done one way or another, and leave everyone laughing as they go. These crime solvers are designing a master plan as we speak, to break out of HSWC where their cover has been to infiltrate the front office and place orders for more knuckle bones and kibble. That having been accomplished they are now moving on to operation Adopt us! (Or Break Out as Bryson calls it) the mission: Both getting adopted together to solve problems and leap through your living room. No space is too small for wrestling. They often share a 4×6 kennel happily plotting and scheming (while tossing toys and curling up with a good chew bone). They are very content in whatever circumstance they are in. They have been on this mission for 6 months and never complained.

They are very compatible superheroes that complement each other’s strengths. They realize their next mission is a delicate one. Work their way into the hearts of a man, woman, or perhaps and active couple? Use their superpowers to convince them to adopt them together to fight crime as a family unit. How is this going to be possible you ask? Reba will show off her sleek fur and charm the dude. While Bryson with his goofy off-the-wall sense of humor will have the mom person falling head over heels in love with him. They will lure the unsuspecting couples to the big play yard where the real show will begin.

You gasp at the beauty of their slender galloping long legs almost floating across the yard at great effortless speed. You have lost track of time them. They seem to defy gravity as they dance.
You can’t pull yourself away and you start to fall for their plan. The pen almost writes by itself on the application.
“Any other animals?” you hear someone ask?  No, you say. “Good” is the reply because these two are all you need.
“We were thinking of getting a cat.”
“Not a good idea” says The voice behind the desk. Cats are the alien life form Reba has it in her head are the mortal enemy of all hoomans. She must protect the hoomans.
No cats no way!
No problem you say as the image of them splashing through the puddles and jumping in and out of the pool joyfully fills your heart and you can’t stand the thought of not having them in your yard, living room, and cuddled up together on a dog bed built for one.
Sign here.

As Reba sways through the lobby with Bryson lumbering behind her, she’s winks at the volunteers who all played their role in this heist to help steal your heart. Now to solve the question- is your car big enough for both. No problem! Reba will probably want to drive.
And that’s how operation break out happens for these two amazing superhero’s we all have fallen in love with. Come on by, let the games begin.
The facts of this case are true. Although humorous, Reba is a NO CAT!! girl and you will need to out smart her and have secure fencing, and windows. Double check gates. We will ask for a meet and greet with other dogs and a home check.


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