Mozart Update: Sunday, April 12, 2020

from Mozart:

“I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

I thought you’d enjoy hearing a little about me and what I’m doing as I wait for surgery.

I like to dance! As soon as I see my people my huge front paws tap..tap..tap as fast as they can! All while holding a toy in my mouth. One might say multitasking isn’t a problem for me.

I have a fantastic nose, and I love to find where some of my kibble has been hidden.
We play ‘nose games’ which is a good way to occupy my time. I’m learning a nose target too!

When it’s warm outside I’ve been spending a little time in an ex-pen supervising yard work.  I like to watch the bees fly around. I can’t wait until the day I can chase those bees!

I love eating, playing with toys, car rides, getting lots of attention and I love to hear how handsome I am!

Looking forward to the day I will have a home of my own.”


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